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Opinion: AFN kicks off week of celebrating, supporting Alaska Native culture

October 19th 11:36 pm

On Monday, a young hunter got the support of hundreds. He earned it the hard way. Chris Agragiiq Apassingok was 16 when he helped catch a massive bowhead whale passing by his home of Gambell on St. Lawrence Island. In a keynote address at the Elders and [...]

Opinion: The last night of a great machine and a team who did their jobs well

October 19th 11:36 pm

The printing press seemed to live. Every night for 31 years, beginning at about 11 p.m., it rumbled the building off Bragaw Street, the smell of ink wafting down the halls. From words and images, it made physical things. And then on Saturday night, it died.

Opinion: Half of women in Alaska have suffered through domestic violence

October 13th 3:58 pm

Think of all the women you came into contact with in your day-to-day business today. This week. This month. Think of all the girls in your child's class. Think of all the women in church. Think of school board members, grocery store cashiers, the women who [...]

Opinion: We may have chosen the wrong date for Indigenous Peoples Day

October 13th 3:58 pm

I'm not sure we should celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October. Gov. Bill Walker signed a bill this year renaming Columbus Day in Alaska in honor of Native people. The previous two years, he had made the same action by proclamation. [...]

Opinion: Pebble Mine version 201 still a risk

October 6th 11:19 am

I remember when the Northern Dynasty team from Canada first visited the Kenai Peninsula to talk about the mine they hoped to develop in the hills on the other side of the Cook Inlet. They presented their PowerPoint presentation to the Homer Chamber of [...]

Opinion: Alaskans say yes to ANWR drilling

October 6th 11:19 am

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest wildlife refuge in America. Spanning more than 19 million acres, it's an area larger than 10 U.S. states. This vast expanse is home to caribou, fox, bears, and dozens of other species. Much of that land is [...]

Opinion: Las Vegas shooting hits home in Alaska

October 6th 11:18 am

This was supposed to be my happy column. I've just returned from an amazing family wedding in Denver and am getting ready to join my sister in a trip to Croatia. Despite the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, because diplomacy just won't work, or the [...]

Opinion: NSB mayor responds to former mayor's criticism

September 29th 11:53 am

Brower open to ideas that unify residents, improve lives

Opinion: This Tuesday, put off the laundry for one more day and make time to vote

September 29th 11:30 am

This Tuesday, there will most likely be dishes in your sink, bills that need to be paid and it's entirely possible that your kid will get a cough and need tissues and chicken noodle soup. The alarm will go off like it always does, and once again, dinner will [...]

Opinion: Prescription drug importation is dangerous for Alaskans

September 29th 11:28 am

It's rare that Republicans and Democrats see eye-to-eye on healthcare reform. And yet, in early September, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) each suggested that Americans be allowed to import prescription drugs from abroad to save money.

Opinion: Arctic Ocean expansion offers new opportunities to Alaska

September 29th 11:27 am

The Arctic Ocean covers 5.4 million square miles. That is roughly one-and-a-half times larger then the Lower 48 states in area. The Arctic Ocean is melting in the summer along the shoreline of both Siberia and North America, and last year a cruise ship full [...]

Opinion: Alaska's economy hasn't hit bottom ... yet

September 29th 11:27 am

Almost 17 percent of Alaska's economic product disappeared when oil prices dropped, but we haven't lost 17 percent of our jobs. So how far down does this recession still have to go? I took that question to economists, business leaders and small business [...]

Opinion: Bringing more indigenous voices to the table

September 29th 11:23 am

My name is Cade Emory Terada. I'm a Japanese American and a former U.S. Arctic Youth Ambassador from the No. 1 fishing port by volume in the nation; every fish sandwich at McDonalds in the world (except New Zealand and Australia) came from my hometown.

Opinion: Jonrowe's extraordinary career will echo long after her retirement

September 22nd 2:11 pm

DeeDee Jonrowe announced this week that this winter's Iditarod race, her 36th, would be her last, sparking reflection from many on the extraordinary career of a woman who inspired many with her tenacity and strength. At 63, Jonrowe's accomplishments on the [...]

Opinion: A fourth of Alaska students are chronically absent. No wonder test scores are so bad.

September 22nd 2:10 pm

A major reason for Alaska's poor school performance is that too many parents don't care about education. You can get a great education from Anchorage schools and from many other schools around the state. I'd stack up my children's academic opportunities with [...]

Opinion: Study challenges theories on why third WTC building collapsed

September 15th 8:49 am

Dissident 'truther' group plans to use study from University of Alaska Hijackers destroyed the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001, by flying fully loaded 767 passenger jets into the skyscrapers. A third building in the World Trade Center complex also caught fire [...]

Opinion: The path to health is a series of simple choices

September 15th 8:40 am

In Dillingham, likely the oldest practicing doctor in the state is going strong at 81. His prescription for long life? Move. Dr. Dan O'Connell has been walking every day for decades. Before he walked, he ran. We are made to stay in motion, he said. It's that [...]

Opinion: Active pursuit of common ground only way to bridge political divide

September 8th 11:31 am

A couple nights ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow who lived in rural Alaska for many decades and had been deeply involved in the communities he lived in as an elected official and emergency responder. We started out the conversation on common [...]

Opinion: In September, celebrate gifts of recovery

September 2nd 1:07 am

September is National Recovery Month, a time to highlight recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. This month is for honoring the warriors among us who have faced the hardships of alcohol abuse and lived to tell the tale. Today is for sharing [...]

Opinion: Alaskans should heed warning of Houston floods, other extreme weather

September 2nd 1:06 am

Even with the fall storm pounding Alaska with rain this week, it's hard to imagine the world as residents of Houston are experiencing it this week. One day, water moves peacefully through your city in safe canals and rivers; the next, it rises up and floods [...]

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