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Opinion: Letter to the Editor

December 8th 4:14 pm

Issues with initiative

Opinion: Dark days call for dose of D

December 8th 3:52 pm

It's dark, pretty much no matter where you live in Alaska right now. We're in the tunnel; the one that makes most of America shake its head in disbelief that people actually live where the sun shines so little, if it all. But Alaskans by-and-large deal with [...]

Opinion: Alaska gasline LNG project: The time is now

December 8th 3:51 pm

Mid-June 1970: one of the most important days in my life. It rained, as I waited in line outside a trailer in Johnson's Trailer Court in Valdez to receive my first dispatch. That day, I received my first dispatch ticket from Laborer's 341 business agent Jim [...]

Opinion: Sugar-coated holidays hold a host of health concerns

December 1st 7:32 pm

Turn on your radio and you'll hear loud and clear — the holiday season is upon us, with all its bells and whistles. But it's not just the airwaves that will be assaulted this holiday season, it is our health as well. Holidays have long been linked [...]

Opinion: Mother hopes to save her son by telling the story of her own lifelong addiction

December 1st 7:32 pm

I am a heroin addict to the core, Robbin Muninger told a room full of people — a group in a church basement gathered to talk about the drug crisis. "I have to have pain medication, but I cannot be trusted with a bottle of Vicodin," she said. "For me, [...]

Opinion: A message to Penair customers in the region

December 1st 7:30 pm

To our valued customers at Bristol Bay, and the Aleutian/Pribilof Islands, we wish to sincerely apologize for the service deficiencies of the last year or two, which have been below the standards that we built Penair on. This all started eight years ago, [...]

Opinion: Defending a battle for truth in Pebble decision

December 1st 7:28 pm

As a retired general, I am somewhat amused when non-military pundits insist on using the vocabulary of the military art such as "battle," "opponent," and "defending." My amusement ends when I recognize the repetition of a flaw historically seen in many of our [...]

Opinion: Net neutrality is vitally important to Internet users in Alaska

November 24th 2:13 pm

Today alone, I have probably visited 50-plus sites and used a dozen searches to put out this newspaper with some degree of accuracy. And every site I visited, every search I completed, and every rabbit hole I got sucked into in that process occurred without [...]

Opinion: Alaska's future doesn't need Pebble Mine

November 24th 2:12 pm

My training and expertise are in economics and finance, but from time to time — when needed — I know how to do battle. For more than a decade, I have taken on the battle against the Pebble Mine, because, more than any other development [...]

Opinion: Don't trade salmon for gold

November 24th 2:12 pm

According to an article reported by Alaska Public Media on Oct. 5, Tom Collier, CEO of The Pebble Partnership, took to the podium at an industry gathering in Anchorage to present "A New Path Forward." Summarizing his speech to the reporter ,he stated, "I [...]

Opinion: Bristol Bay fisherman sees flaws Pebble Mine 'plan'

November 24th 2:11 pm

Fall storms are a fixture in Bristol Bay. The wind blows and the waves rise. But this fall, the biggest tempest of all is coming from the foreign mining company proposing to build a toxic mine at the headwaters of the world's last great salmon run.

Opinion: Now, more than ever, we need to remember feelings of gratitude

November 17th 4:00 pm

It's almost Thanksgiving, which, next to Halloween, is my favorite holiday. It's hard to rival the imaginative fun of Halloween, not to mention the facepaint. But a holiday all about being thankful? And food? What's not to love? It's pretty easy to be [...]

Opinion: State embarks on turning over public schools to tribes

November 17th 4:00 pm

State education officials plan to enter into negotiations for compacts with Alaska tribes to take over rural schools. The idea grew out of the Alaska's Education Challenge reform initiative that brought together 100 education stakeholders to work over the [...]

Opinion: Fundraiser sets record

November 10th 2:46 pm

In the early morning hours of Oct. 20th, during the 6th hour of the KUCB annual 24-hour pledge drive, two volunteers did a little research and decided to raise our goal higher than the $23,000 that staff was aiming for. Last fall, we broke all of our previous [...]

Opinion: Unalaskamayor weighs in on recall

November 10th 2:45 pm

As many of you know, there is a petition being circulated to gather enough signatures for a recall election to be held later this year if the 10 sponsors get the required amount of signatures. I would like to take a few minutes of your time to respond to [...]

Opinion: Half of Alaska youth don't think misuse of prescription meds is dangerous

November 10th 2:38 pm

There are some things we have come, for better or worse, to expect from children. There's the "terrible twos," for example, a well-recognized developmental period when many children discover the word "no." We also expect a certain amount of rebellion from [...]

Opinion: Opening ANWR to stop climate change?

November 10th 2:37 pm

Implausible arguments don't sit well in oil development debate

Opinion: Social media blame falls squarely on us

November 3rd 10:40 am

It never feels good to find out you have been manipulated, but this week, Americans have even more information on attempts by Russian organizations to influence the presidential election using the platform of choice of the decade; social media. According to [...]

Opinion: Social media blame falls squarely on us

November 3rd 10:22 am

It never feels good to find out you have been manipulated, but this week, Americans have even more information on attempts by Russian organizations to influence the presidential election using the platform of choice of the decade, social media. According to [...]

Opinion: NPR-A promises wealth of oil, strong Arctic presence

November 3rd 10:20 am

To win the race for control, region's top priority should be developing infrastructure

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