State plans more changes for autumn elections

August 26th 5:56 pm

State hopes for consistent approach to voting across Alaska

NTSB: Floatplane crashed on takeoff

August 26th 5:54 pm

Pilot in Iliamna crash told investigators aircraft never became airborne

Commission offers more time for comments on annexation report

August 26th 5:45 pm

Local Boundary Commission will discuss timeline on Aug. 30

Crowded ballot in Unalaska elections

August 26th 5:44 pm

Two five-way races plus a referendum on reefer will appear on the ballot of the Oct. 4 local elections in Unalaska. The filing deadline for candidates was Aug. 18. Unalaska Mayor Shirley Marquardt, undefeated in all mayoral and earlier city council races in [...]

NOAA updates Unalaska Bay charts

August 26th 5:40 pm

The seafloor of Unalaska Bay is being mapped for the first time since 1935, and the technology's more thorough now, using electronic devices instead of a couple of people in a rowboat dropping a weighted rope to the bottom a hundred feet apart. The National [...]

Sullivan addresses slow internet in Unalaska

August 26th 5:35 pm

Senator makes first trip to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor

BLM publishes report on pieces of land transferred to Native Corporations

August 26th 5:25 pm

Scattered throughout Alaska are hundreds of pieces of land that have been transferred to Alaska Native Corporations by the federal government. Some of it is the land of Alaska dreams: forests, tundra, river banks — largely untouched. Other parcels [...]

Cold Bay chief honored 52 years after deadly fire

August 26th 5:23 pm

After 52 years, Cold Bay Fire Chief Fred E. Barnett, who died on Sept. 9, 1964 while fighting a fire at the Federal Aviation Administration power plant, will finally be recognized for his sacrifice during a memorial service on Sept. 11 at the Fallen Fire [...]

In brief: Free meals program expands to all Bristol Bay students

August 26th 5:21 pm

The Bristol Bay Borough school district is providing free meals to all students this year with help from a federal program. Bristol Bay Borough School District Director of Child Nutrition Tanya Dube said the district is able to offer all students free meals [...]

In brief: State working on reopening Dillingham DA's office

August 26th 5:19 pm

The state Department of Law is taking the first steps toward reinstating a local District Attorney. Dillingham cases have been prosecuted by an Anchorage-based DA for the past several months. The department is now looking for new office space near the [...]

Early bloom thrives into a bountiful summer

August 26th 5:12 pm

The magenta hues of the fireweed have bloomed to the top of their tall stalks and have gone to seed. The green willow leaves have started to turn yellow. These are some of the main signs that the next season is upon us. According to locals of the Lake [...]

Opinion: We need to engage Alaskans with automatic voter registration

August 26th 5:08 pm

Fishing fleet, rural communities need easier ways to vote

Remembering the greatest dog team I knew

August 26th 5:04 pm

Growing up and to reflect in the glorious, early, years of 1960's where it has begun. The time of approximately 100 people, who everyone knew of one another and what they did. Only one snow machine and one truck in the village, and owned by a respected, and [...]

Raiders show promise in Heart of the Aleutians meet

August 26th 5:01 pm

The parents and fans watching the 2016 Heart of the Aleutians cross country meet this past weekend may have experienced a bit of dej√Ɇ vu. Especially since they watched former high school sensation Ross Enlow sprint to a victory and saw the Unalaska High [...]

Pink salmon catch down dramatically from 2015

August 26th 4:58 pm

Alaska's 2016 pink salmon fishery is set to rank as the worst in 20 years by a long shot, and the outlook is bleak for all other salmon catches except sockeyes. "Boy, sockeye is really going to have to carry the load in terms of the fishery's value because [...]

Opinion: Separation of church and state allows all to be represented

August 26th 4:55 pm

Should invocations be allowed at government meetings?

Opinion: State operations need reductions, not Permanent Fund revenue

August 26th 4:53 pm

The benefits of the Alaska Permanent Fund shared equally have had a very positive effect. Because of the dividend program income disparity in Alaska is the lowest of any state. It provides for many low income and working class families and we have achieved a [...]

Opinion: Voters weed Legislature with incumbent firings

August 26th 4:51 pm

In a low-turnout election, the voices of the politically informed speak loudest

Opinion: Arctic cruise limited to well-heeled adventurers

August 26th 4:49 pm

Traffic in the years ahead will move isolated villages closer to the beaten track

Obituary: Nellie Bereskin

August 26th 4:36 pm

Nina Nellie Bereskin, 85, of Unalaska, died Aug. 13, 2016. Her two daughters and son-in-law were at her side at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Nellie, as everyone called her, was born in 1931 to Theodore and Jennie (Bohueloff) Sherebernikoff [...]

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