Man wounded in shooting flown to Anchorage

May 21st 12:56 am

Reece Johnson, 21, was arrested after a three-hour standoff

Aleutian animal bones may end up in Canadian trash heap

May 21st 12:55 am

If a "huge" load of scientifically valuable prehistoric animal bones aren't returned soon to the Museum of the Aleutians, they may end up in the trash in Canada, according to a frustrated scientist in Victoria, British Columbia who is encountering tax [...]

Fishermen's association changes name to reflect Bristol Bay roots

May 21st 12:55 am

As fishermen prepare for the coming season, one fishermen's organization is looking to pay more attention to the bottom line among a host of changes intended to emphasize its focus. The Alaska Independent Fishermen's Association recently re-named itself the [...]

BBAHC on the frontlines against bed bugs

May 21st 12:54 am

Rural Alaskans fight bed bugs with a $100,000 grant from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Unalaska Police Report

May 21st 12:53 am

May 1 Ambulance Request - EMS responded to the report of young man having chest pains and a difficult time breathing. Assistance Rendered - EMS responded to a report that a female had fainted. May 2 Assistance Rendered - Landlord reported that city [...]

New book features Alaska salmon stories

May 21st 12:52 am

'Made of Salmon' edited by Alaska author Nancy Lord

Scientists study social nature of salmon

May 21st 12:51 am

Each summer, millions of fish return to Bristol Bay, and then swim on to the stream where they were born to spawn and die. Exactly what compels them to return to the right spot is unknown. But scientists think that some hatchery-raised steelhead in Oregon [...]

In Brief

May 21st 12:50 am

Woman forged grandmother's checks, stealing $3,540

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

May 21st 12:46 am

Seafood plant to ramp up for operations starting in July

Port Alsworth 7th-grader names ferry with essay

May 21st 12:44 am

Malea Voran proposes 'Tazlina' for one of two Alaska Class ferries

Much of the Arctic is lower than it was before

May 21st 12:32 am

Tundra east of Kaktovik is part of what might be an arctic-wide thawing

Industry optimistic about salmon prices

May 21st 12:16 am

As U.S. dollar weakens, products become less expensive for foreign buyers

Opinion: Foster children help just a vote away

May 21st 12:15 am

As a mother and grandmother, and through my work with foster youth and the Alaska Children's Trust, I have realized that few things are of higher priority to me than the safety and well-being of our youth and families. Imagine a foster child finally getting [...]

Opinion: Insect population explosions an unconsidered side of climate change

May 21st 12:15 am

Last weekend, Alaska was hot — crazy hot. It's been unseasonably warm for weeks now in many areas, but still within the boundaries of normal. But not last weekend. Last weekend, Mother Nature hit the defrost button for much of the state, and [...]

Dillingham sees increase in scams on the elderly

May 13th 7:42 pm

Cases involve theft using ATM cards or forged checks, police say

Unalaska Police Report

May 13th 7:41 pm

April 3 Ambulance Request - EMS responded to an individual with a lacerated foot. Assistance Rendered - officers assisted with EMS call. Liquor Law Violation - Individual was advised he was too intoxicated to visit any liquor establishments for the evening.

Veterinarians offer free care in villages

May 13th 7:40 pm

Visiting veterinarians complete 42 spay and neuter surgeries in Manokotak

Rebates offered for 'pingers' to keep whales out of gear

May 13th 7:39 pm

Alaska salmon fishermen can get rebates on pingers aimed at keeping baleen whales away from their gear. The six inch, battery operated tubes are tied into fishing nets and transmit animal-specific signals every five seconds to alert the animals to keep their [...]

Opinion: Values of punishment and redemption

May 13th 7:38 pm

Sometimes the Legislature works. That's what's happening in the tough, detailed debate on a bill that would transform the criminal justice system. With partisanship taking second place to policy research, the usual scripts have been discarded. Legislators [...]

Opinion: Graduates should be applauded for succeeding in challenging system

May 13th 7:38 pm

This week, thousands of high school students will walk through their school gymnasium, wearing strange square hats and flowing gowns to receive the diplomas that mark their transition into adulthood. Each and every one of them should be applauded for [...]

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