Opinion: Vote No on Ballot Measure 1

August 17th 5:06 pm

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation has come out publicly against Ballot Measure 1 because we have seen the positive impact that SB21 has already made in creating jobs and opportunity, and we don't want to see that momentum halted. We are proud to be joined by [...]

Extreme Seafoods has rough entry into fishery

August 15th 1:22 pm

Despite 'hot' sockeye salmon, disgruntled fishermen, buyer says season not a total flop

Unalaska gives $1 million for geothermal energy

August 15th 1:22 pm

Facing deadline, city transfers federal grant to Akutan

Subway coming to Dillingham

August 15th 1:21 pm

Andrew Berkoski hopes to open the franchise sandwich shop in city late this fall

Expert: Mount Polley an example of what could happen at Pebble

August 15th 1:20 pm

David Chambers is a professional geophysicist with a PhD in Environmental Planning and more than three decades' experience in mineral exploration and development.

WAANT investigator back on job in Dillingham office

August 15th 1:19 pm

Quietly at first, state trooper investigator Wyatt Derner took the helm at the Dillingham office of Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team in June. Derner replaced veteran Nasruk Nay, who left the position late last year.

Fall hunting season underway in Bristol Bay

August 15th 1:17 pm

Biologist optimistic that season should offer plenty of opportunity for area hunters

Unalaska spends 'historic low' on legal fees

August 15th 1:16 pm

When it came to legal fees, the city of Unalaska did very well in the past year, according to city attorney Brooks Chandler, reporting "great news for you all," a "historic low" of about $26,500 to the city council last week.

In Brief

August 15th 1:15 pm

Russians to honor Shumagin in Shumagins

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

August 15th 1:14 pm

Wolves kill 7 dogs in Chuathbaluk

Dillingham's summer youth camp a success

August 15th 1:04 pm

Through the years, Summer Youth Camp has evolved in various ways, but the purpose has always been to teach youth about respect, healthy relationships, and cultural knowledge.

Opinion: Making a molehill out of a mountain

August 15th 12:45 pm

Some people believe everything happens for a reason, that there are no coincidences. For opponents of the proposed Pebble mine in Southwest Alaska, Mount Polley is affirmation of that theory.

Opinion: Leadership, not rhetoric, matters in Arctic

August 15th 12:44 pm

The people of the Arctic have survived through a culture of respect, decency, and kindness.

Opinion: Alaskans: It's our oil. It's our future.

August 15th 12:43 pm

It's our oil. You've heard that a lot. But what does it really mean?

Opinion: Near-zero oil tax will damage state economy

August 15th 12:42 pm

It's interesting how $12 million in oil company ads don't mention what you need to know.

Voting to repeal oil wealth giveaway will help rural Alaskans

August 15th 12:41 pm

On Aug. 19, Alaskans will have the chance to ensure they receive a fair deal from the oil industry.

Opinion: Becoming a voice for rural Alaskans

August 15th 12:39 pm

Rural Alaska is a long way from Washington, D.C., but decisions made there have lots to do with life in rural Alaska.

Opinion: Westlake a strong advocate for rural Alaska

August 15th 12:37 pm

I write this letter in support of Dean Westlake for representative in Alaska House District 40.

Republican candidates criticize EPA decisions

August 15th 12:37 pm

Breached mine tailings dams be damned!

Opinion: Alaskans thank EPA

August 15th 12:35 pm

Times are good right now in Bristol Bay. Our nets are wet, our smokehouses are hot, and our freezers are full.

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