EPA wants strict limits on Pebble

July 25th 1:01 pm

Agency backs away from outright prohibition of proposed mine

Unalaska residents indicted on multiple drug charges

July 25th 1:01 pm

Nguyen, McConnell charged with 11 felonies

Runners race up mountain in Ballyhoo Run

July 25th 1:00 pm

Mike Miller finishes first among 34 participants after 34 minutes, 38 seconds

In Brief

July 25th 12:59 pm

Crewman medevaced from container ship

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

July 25th 12:59 pm

Federal grant to fund new Togiak landfill

Opinion: Offshore oil plan could be 'game over' for climate

July 25th 12:58 pm

New leasing program would commit U.S. to 40 years of carbon-intensive energy that world climate cannot afford

Bristol Bay fishermen poised to pass on pinks

July 25th 12:57 pm

Price likely too low to generate much post-sockeye fishing effort from fleet

Peter Pan, fleet delivers Fish For Kids

July 25th 12:56 pm

Last week, Peter Pan Seafoods in Dillingham delivered 6,000 pounds of premium sockeye filets to representatives from Dillingham City Schools, Southwest Region Schools, and the City of Dillingham.

Annual Aleut culture camp kicks off on Sunday

July 25th 12:54 pm

Camp Qungaayux, the annual Aleut culture camp opens Sunday at Morris Cove in Unalaska, featuring various subsistence activities including fish preparation and the butchering and eating of a seal.

Nushagak fishermen want to recoup struck down fish tax

July 25th 12:54 pm

In March, the city of Dillingham's 2012 annexation of the 396 square miles of the Nushagak Bay commercial fishing district was struck down by superior court Judge Patricia Douglass.

Saguyak increases, plans to enforce land use fees

July 25th 12:53 pm

Earlier this summer, Saguyak, Inc., the Native corporation for Clarks Point, published new land use fees as public notices in this newspaper.

Students practice outdoor skills at Cape Peirce

July 25th 12:48 pm

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge hosts junior high science camp

Coast Guard commandant chosen to be U.S. Arctic ambassador

July 25th 12:43 pm

Fran Ulmer picked to serve as special advisor on Arctic issues

Opinion: 'Fisher' falls short of creating gender equality in fishing industry

July 25th 12:40 pm

In this week's report on Alaska's fishing industry, fish columnist Laine Welch offered an off-the-dock response by those in the fishing industry about the use of the term "fisher" instead of fisherman.

Opinion: Alaska needs to wise up about reality of using federal transportation money

July 25th 12:39 pm

Alaska better think twice about mega road projects, because Uncle Sam won't be picking up the tab.

Opinion: Best TAPS solution is more oil in pipeline

July 25th 12:38 pm

At Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, we just successfully moved the 17 billionth barrel of oil through Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Opinion: Are we an owner state or a corporate colony?

July 25th 12:37 pm

Wally Hickel and Jay Hammond, two of Alaska's strongest and most beloved governors, fought each other politically for 25 years. W

Tracking salmon to their birth streams

July 25th 12:36 pm

Strontium is a trace element and mineral people use to make glow-in-the-dark paints and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I

Swetzof, Baldwin medal at WEIO Games

July 25th 12:35 pm

Unalaska's Stan Swetzof and Noorvik's Kimberly Baldwin may live hundreds of miles apart in Western Alaska but that doesn't mean they don't have something in common.

Bristol Bay sockeye run tops records

July 25th 12:17 pm

All eyes on Fraser River run, Russia as Bristol Bay catch reaches 28 million fish

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