Driver in deadly Atka van collision charged

June 24th 11:49 am

Troopers say Iloilo had more than twice the legal alcohol limit during crash that killed three

Council OKs crab processing change

June 24th 11:48 am

Decision gives more flexibility regarding who can custom-process Tanner crab

Bears bother lonely science instruments

June 24th 11:46 am

Camera catches trio of black bears pawing at buried equipment covered by a tarp

Unalaska city planners hold community greenhouse forum

June 24th 11:45 am

Planners consider effort to grow fresh vegetables in the Aleutian Islands

Dredging project continues

June 24th 11:44 am

Unisea's seafood waste dredging project is expected to last a few more weeks in Unalaska, according to Chris Plaisance, vice president of corporate affairs. "During this process there are going to be days when there will be an odor in the air, hopefully [...]

ASMI seeks comments on newest version of seafood standard

June 24th 11:40 am

Program undergoes changes, including establishing formal governance structure

Herring benefits heralded by marketing institute

June 24th 11:39 am

Featured in the fine dining showcase will be 5,000 pounds of herring fillets from this year's Togiak fishery There's much more to Alaska herring than roe and bait. To prove that point, nearly 40 of Seattle's finest restaurants and retailers will celebrate [...]

Opinion: Uncertainty complicates crucial predictions about Alaska's future

June 24th 11:38 am

An enormous stockpile of carbon, locked in permafrost beneath the land and waters of Alaska, could be unleashed by rising temperatures, complicating international efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. One of the mysteries of the coming decades for Alaska [...]

Opinion: Summer project builds collaboration and deeper sense of community

June 24th 11:38 am

As the solstice sun set on my corner of Alaska, we were screwing the last screws into the floor of a new building platform. I hadn't planned to build anything this year, but necessity is the mother of all invention, they say, and we needed more space right away.

New book 'Rough Waters' explores Alaska fishing families, futures

June 24th 11:37 am

Author has fished for subsistence for 30 years

Dillingham woman has been missing for 3 months

June 24th 11:36 am

LoriDee Wilson left Juneau drug addiction treatment center in March

In Brief

June 24th 11:35 am

Phone scammers impersonate Alaska State Troopers

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

June 24th 11:33 am

Elevated heavy metal levels found near Red Dog Mine

Petition seeks to overturn pot ban

June 24th 11:30 am

Signatures collected to put referendum on Oct. 4 ballot in Unalaska

Copper River sets base salmon price

June 17th 12:03 pm

Processor takes new approach to pricing: posting each week

State says annexation isn't the best path for communities

June 17th 12:03 pm

Preliminary staff report suggests that the commission ask state to create a borough that includes area

Van rollover in Atka kills 3 fish plant workers, injures 6

June 17th 12:00 pm

Three men from Anchorage died after a van carrying employees from a fish processing plant crashed Tuesday in the tiny Aleutian village of Atka. Six survivors of the crash were flown overnight to Anchorage, where they arrived Wednesday for medical treatment, [...]

Unalaska Police REPORT

June 17th 11:56 am

May 15 Ambulance Request - Security group requested EMS services for an individual who had fallen and hit his head. Animal - A dog was reported loose and behaving aggressively. It was determined that the aggressive dog was being playful but had an [...]

Foam on the water a sign of life and death

June 17th 11:55 am

While sitting in the front of a canoe on a twisty Alaska creek, my daughter asked to steer closer to the riverbank. She wanted to grab some suds. There, caught in the elbows of fallen trees, were quivering mounds of white foam. Foam is floating on most [...]

Pilot program encourages clean boating

June 17th 11:54 am

Inletkeeper has partnered with local businesses to offer incentives for cleaner boating

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