Humpbacks hounding herring in Aleutians

July 25th 2:41 am

Official reports 'world class whale viewing' near purse seine fleet between Akun and Akutan

Unalaska Police report

July 25th 2:40 am

As told by the Unalaska Police Department

Naknek celebrates grand opening of new museum

July 25th 2:40 am

Curators hope the collection will preserve and promote the Bay's rich history of industry and subsistence

In search of salmonberries

July 25th 2:39 am

It's late July in Bristol Bay: the sockeye fishermen are heading home, white socks are out in force, and the promise of berries has everyone craving jams, pies, and akutaq. After finding nothing but barren salmonberry flats last summer, pickers around [...]

Ballyhoo runners enjoy blue skies

July 25th 2:38 am

The weather couldn't have been better for the annual Ballyhoo Run last Saturday, according to the event's organizer. "It was beautiful and sunny, clear skys. It was about 60 something degrees. It was a perfect day for a race," said Felicia Tungul, of the [...]

Processors end impasse over sustainability certification

July 25th 2:38 am

Gridlock over who has access to the Marine Stewardship Council's blue sustainability label appears to finally be over. The Pacific Salmon Processors Association, or PSPA, will take over the MSC clientship from the Alaska Salmon Processors Association by [...]

Dillingham Police report

July 25th 2:37 am

July 13 Driving While License Revoked - After a traffic stop on Little Larry Road, 25-year-old Libby Burton of Dillingham was issued a citation for DWLR. July 18 Criminal Mischief - Dillingham Police responded to a report of vandalism at two separate [...]

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

July 25th 2:37 am

Derelict cannery finally submits to the flames

Ancient northern pike found in lake mud

July 25th 2:28 am

Jaw found 14 feet deep in the muck of Quartz Lake is 8,800 years old

Bust to boomtown: Sockeye run breaks records

July 25th 2:25 am

Overloaded processors scurry to replace workers they'd sent home the previous week

Opinion: It's time to expand Medicaid in Alaska

July 25th 2:25 am

Earlier this week, I sent a letter to the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee, giving members the required 45-day notice of my intention to accept additional federal and Mental Health Trust Fund Authority funds to expand Medicaid.

Opinion: Subsistence use builds connection between Alaskans and environment

July 25th 2:24 am

This week, a strange phenomenon erupted in areas of Alaska. On top of a large number of cars, oddly shaped nets and poles are attached with hastily fastened ropes.

Fishtival rocks out while fishing rolls on

July 25th 2:11 am

Organizers raised double the funds to make arts-filled festival a success

Unalaska Police report

July 18th 2:30 am

As told by the Unalaska Police Department

Manokotak moves ahead with own annexation petition

July 18th 2:29 am

City proposes annexation with a 2 percent fish tax to oppose Dillingham's plan

Herring opens in Unalaska, Akutan

July 18th 2:28 am

The Dutch Harbor Food and Bait Herring Fishery opened this week, with three boats registered, "pretty similar to last year," said Alaska Department of Fish and Game area biologist Matthew Keyse in Sand Point. The allocation of 1,878 tons for purse seiners is [...]

Opinion: British Columbia: Your neighbors are watching

July 18th 2:27 am

After B.C. rushes to reopen mine, Alaskans question commitment to protecting clean waters, wild salmon

Unalaska residents protest Shell oil drilling plans

July 18th 2:27 am

Shell came under criticism at a meeting in Unalaska last week from an unlikely pair, a representative of Greenpeace concerned about global environmental impacts and city official and pro-developoment booster Frank Kelty, complaining about local impacts [...]

Post office addresses eagle attacks

July 18th 2:26 am

Dutch Harbor seeks help from federal wildlife agency to protect patrons

Reindeer expert, apprentices ease herd into new home

July 18th 2:24 am

Herders-in-training are caring for a new herd of 29 in Port Heiden

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