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OPINION: Letters to the Editor

March 13th, 2015 | Earl Southworth Print this article   Email this article  

Managing bycatch

Bycatch from Seattle-based trawlers is killing Alaska's fisheries and local fishing economy.

In the early 1990s, my personal livelihood was negatively affected. Now, all Alaskan fishermen are starting to realize that they can keep fighting over the same, ever-shrinking slice of the pie, or they can band together and stand up to Seattle?

Alaska fishermen seem to agree on something. In the past couple of weeks, the governor's office has been hit by a flurry of resolutions and letters from Alaskans across all facets of Alaska's fishing economy.

From Unalaska to Hydaburg, Alaskans are crying out for better representation on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council. That's because all of us are fed up with seeing the NPFMC hand over our prize halibut and Chinook salmon to factory trawlers from the lower 48.

Next week Gov. Bill Walker will nominate two Alaskans to the North Pacific Council.

One can only hope he realizes that when you've got commercial, subsistence, and sport fishermen all saying the same thing, you'd better listen up.

Earl Southworth?

Punctuality requested

To the good people of Barrow, the traveling population that travels on flight No. 55 — Prudhoe Bay to Barrow to Fairbanks to Anchorage — would appreciate it if people in Barrow could show up to the airport early enough to make for a timely and efficient departure. Below is what is listed off of the Alaskan Airlines web page.

Know When to Arrive at the Airport and Gate: You should arrive at the airport at least two hours before a domestic departure and three hours before an international flight.

Every time I fly this route, once a month, it seems as if most of the people get loaded on the plane and then we sit around waiting for a number of people that are not even at the airport yet to get through check-in and then load the plane.

So people of Barrow, please make every attempt to show up at the airport early enough so that flight No. 55 can take off in a timely manner.

Shawn Davis


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