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Unalaska Police Report

August 1st, 2014 | Staff Report Print this article   Email this article  

As told by Unalaska Police. Any charges reported in these statements are accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until or unless proven guilty.

July 1

Unsecured Premise - Officers noted an open door at another City facility. Officers ensured that there was nobody inside and advised responsible parties that there appeared to be a fault on the alarm panel before securing the building.

Fire Safety - Fire officer was advised of a fault on a fire alarm panel at a city building.

Assist Other Agency - Officer assisted a VPSO who was transporting a prisoner from an outlying community to Unalaska.

Trespass - Officer contacted a man who was not welcome at the Carl E. Moses Boat Harbor and advised him, per a Harbor Officer, that he was not allowed to return to the area.

Assistance Rendered - Father asked an officer to respond to a city park regarding an incident of bullying amongst some young children. Upon arrival the officer found that the situation had already been alleviated. Before leaving the officer spoke to a large group of children about bullying and its consequences.

July 2

DUI - An anonymous caller reported an intoxicated driver on Captain's Bay Road, but refused to provide any other information and hung up on the dispatcher. Officers responded to the area and ultimately stopped the only vehicle on the road; that driver was not impaired.

Welfare Check - Out-of-town wife again asked that officers check on her husband, who had allegedly made suicidal comments to her. Officers again found the husband in good health and good spirits. He denied having made any such comments and said he believed his wife suffers from some type of mental illness.

July 3

Taxi Violation - Officer ordered a taxi out of service until such time as all lights were again operable.

Welfare Check - The out-of-town wife called yet again and asked that officers check on her husband, because he was not answering his phone. The husband was found, again, in fine health and spirits.

Suspicious Person/Activity - A man expressed concern about having first been questioned by a female bar patron about whether or not he was a stalker, and then having been told by the woman that she would "take him down" if he stalked her.

Public Safety - Officers advised a group of people at a late-night bonfire to reduce the size of their rather large conflagration.

Suspicious Person/Activity - Caller reported raw sewage and toilet paper at a private residence. An officer responded to the area and neither saw nor smelled anything out of the ordinary.

Welfare Check - Caller requested that an on-call physician speak with her brother, who was having a panic attack but did not want an ambulance. An officer contacted the man and later transported him to the clinic.

July 4

EMS Other Services - Fire and EMS personnel participated in the annual Independence Day parade.

Assistance Rendered - Officers provided traffic control during the annual Independence Day parade.

Traffic Crime - A man with a revoked license was spotted driving his motorcycle in the annual Independence Day, and was subsequently contacted by an officer. Michael D. Bell, 21 yoa, was ordered to park his cycle and was charged with Driving while License Suspended/Revoked.

Found Property - A wallet, intact and returned to owner.

Ambulance Request - EMS personnel provided care and transport for a man whose feet had been run over by a forklift.

Assault - Officers responded to a report of a fight in a construction bunkhouse, but found nothing ongoing and nobody who admitted to having heard a disturbance. Information discovered the next day indicated that one man, who had flown off the island, may have been punched in retaliation for having struck someone earlier.

Assault - Caller reported a fight on Front Beach. Officers found one of the men identified as having been involved. He refused to identify the other participant except to say the man had directed racially derogatory remarks at several people on the beach.

Suspicious Person/Activity - Report of flares being ignited and possibly landing on the roofs of nearby buildings. Nothing of that ilk was observed.

July 5

Animal - A dog, reported lost during the fireworks display.

Noise Disturbance - Complaint about noise generated by various businesses near the airport. An officer explained that the noise ordinances and permits allow said businesses to do their jobs even if noise is made in the process.

Suspicious Person/Activity - A driver who lost a rug out of the back of her truck told an officer she suspected the occupants of a white pickup that was traveling behind her may have taken it. No other identifying characteristics were provided.

Welfare Check - Officers checked on a woman who was allegedly so intoxicated she could barely support herself against the side of a building. The woman, who was indeed inebriated, was found in the company of two sober friends who said they were taking her back to her boat.

July 13

Alarms - Officers responded to a "man down" alarm at a city facility, but stood down after a facility employee reported that there was no emergency.

July 14

DUI - Two callers reported a driver swerving all over the roadway without benefit of headlights. Officers searched much of the community for the vehicle but were unable to locate it.

Found Property - A green duffel bag, containing men's clothing and some sleeping gear, found at Expedition Park?

Assault - A bar employee told police he had been shoved against the door of the bar after he told a man who had been advised not to return, that he had to leave. Benjamin Leeson, 23 yoa, denied having pushed the employee. Leeson was arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

Taxi Violation - Taxi driver complained about another driver having taken too many passengers. Video footage showed that a group comprising a legal number of passengers entered the suspect taxi, but did not show whether other passengers were already present.

Welfare Check - Callers responding to a report of a woman staggering in the roadway found a quite inebriated man tottering back to his vessel. The inebriate appeared capable of safely traversing the short remaining distance to his vessel.

Harassment - Officer advised an out-of-town wife who has made repeated calls to both police and security regarding her husband's welfare that her numerous unnecessary calls were creating a safety hazard by tying up phone lines. The wife responded by asking what she needed to do to get her husband arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. She was advised to contact her local law enforcement if she was in fear for her safety.

July 15

Assault - Officer responded to a report of a fight in progress and found that two men had engaged in a brief altercation after an argument about tribal affairs in their home country. Witnesses put both men at fault, and neither wished to pursue charge

Assist — Officer photographed a construction site at the request of Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game, for purposes of ensuring compliance with a construction permit.

Theft - Officer investigating a suspicious bank overdraft was able to determine that the victim had inadvertently failed to sign out of his Amazon account on a smartphone, and that another man had taken advantage of this to order items for himself. Charges pending.

EMS Other Services - EMS personnel responded to the home of a senior citizen whose Alert One system has been malfunctioning. Efforts to correct the problem continue.

A vehicle left in the way of construction equipment at the CEM Dock was impounded after several unsuccessful attempts to locate the owner/driver.

Caller reported that motor oil had been dumped in the back of his pickup and was now leaking onto the ground. The spill was quickly contained. No suspects were identified.

July 16

Noise Disturbance - Officer conducted a walk-through of a bunkhouse from which a noise complaint had been received, but found nobody making any undue racket.

Trespass -Plant security requested assistance with a newly hired plant manager who was inebriated and had been found turning off various machines in the powerhouse. The belligerent plant manager made several comments regarding ownership of said machines, but eventually complied with the request to leave the premises.

An out-of-town wife told an officer she wished to report a crime that had not yet been committed, namely that her husband, who calls to tell her he loves her, is conspiring to have her killed. The wife refused to provide information regarding her location or to speak to police in her jurisdiction about the alleged conspiracy, and hung up on the officer.

July 17

Caller asked that officers check on a drunk who may have broken his leg. The responding officer ascertained that the leg did indeed appear to be broken.

EMS personnel provided care and transport for a drunk who had fallen and broken his leg during the night.

Ambulance Request - EMS personnel provided care and transport for a man who was vomiting blood.

Assistance Rendered - Dispatch contacted a rental car company at the request of a driver who had locked herself out of her rental vehicle.

Officer responded to a report that someone was in the water below the South Channel Bridge, and found upon arrival that the person in the water was wearing dive gear and was climbing aboard a dive-flagged vessel.

July 18

Complaint about garbage dispensing itself from a moving garbage truck. Officers contacted the suspect driver, who explained that he is too focused on watching the road to notice whether the load he is carrying is actually contained. The driver was issued a warning regarding unsecure loads.

Ambulance Request - EMS personnel responded to Summer Bay Road near the landfill regarding a report that a vehicle had gone off the road and into the water. No injuries were reported.

Officers responding to a report that a vehicle had gone into the water along Summer Bay Road found an upturned pickup truck, driver Kyle Eby, several pill bottles, some marijuana and two marijuana pipes at the accident scene. Eby, who failed field sobriety tests, was arrested on charges of Driving under the Influence and Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance.

Vehicle abandoned in an intersection and later removed.

July 19

Suspicious Person/Activity - Officer saw several teens park near the community pool, run toward the pool entrance and then return to the vehicle in which they had arrived a short time later. The teens denied having entered the facility and said they were retrieving a phone which had been left there earlier.

Suspicious Person/Activity - PCR Director reported that someone had illegally entered the community pool facility the previous night, after the pool had closed, and had left a trail of muddy footprints leading to the staff office. An employee is suspected.


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