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OPINION: Letters to the editor

May 25th, 2012 | Letters Provided Print this article   Email this article  

Assessment first step

For the past year the people of Bristol Bay have been asking the EPA to look at the impacts of the proposed Pebble Mine and protect the fisheries which make this region unique.

We are Alaska Natives, commercial fisherman, sportsmen, and lodge owners. We live in this region because fishing plays an important role in our lives and without it we could not survive.

We cannot emphasize enough how important the salmon is to us as subsistence users and commercial fishermen. I believe that if the mine had started at the same time as the fishing industry here in Bristol Bay, the mine would be gone by now and also the fishing industry because of the mine. This situation is very hard to imagine.

Now, after a year of study and review, the EPA has determined what many locals already knew. The massive Pebble Mine is the wrong mine in the wrong place.

This assessment is the first step toward protecting the most plentiful salmon habitat in the world. We now know that the impacts and risks from Pebble are too immense. This unique place and waters are important to a way of life and a fishing industry like none other. With this assessment, it's clear that Bristol Bay must be protected now.

In June the EPA will be holding hearings across the state to get feedback on their Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. Alaskans must go and tell the agency's officials that it's time to protect the future of our salmon? We deserve nothing less.

John Knutsen

Lifelong resident of Naknek and Bristol Bay Commercial Drift Fisherman

Earth Day thank?

Thank You to everyone who participated in making the Earth Day Extravaganza a successful community event! On Earth Day, April 22, at the Dillingham Elementary gym more than 180 people joined in on the fun from seed planting, fish printing, lid mosaics, rainbow fish crafting, the Bristol Bay Pedal Challenge, green grocery bag decorating, book gifting, and more.

The Extravaganza could not have happened without all the individuals who volunteered to be there and lead an activity as well as the individuals and organizations who donated supplies. A huge thank you to Marilyn Rosene, Rebekah Fonkert, Katherine Carscallen, Chet Chambers, Izetta Chambers, Adam Kane, Robyn Chaney, Tish Lukhurst, Desi Bond, Sarah Andrew and the Dillingham Girl Scouts, Pat Walsh, The Friends of the Library, Deanna Baiar, Rebecca Roenfanz, and Jason Munster? Thank you to these organizations for their support and generous donations: Lois Schumaker of the Diabetes Prevention program for their awesome donation of 50 Nalgene water bottles, Bigfoot for donating plywood, Dillingham Imagination Library for giving out an amazing 300 children's books, BBNA Workforce for contributing seed planting supplies, Nunumta for donating green grocery bags, and Karen Villnave and Abigail Flynn for giving whole salmon for printing.

Great job and thank you to all the kids and other community members who collected lids this Spring. Your effort is shown through the vibrant lid mosaics displayed in Dillingham Elementary hallway.

I look forward to next year's celebration!

Brook Spurlock

Chamber gives thanks

The Dillingham Chamber of Commerce would like to thank and recognize the businesses that donated door prizes or silent auction items for the membership dinner held April 28th at the Willow Tree. Almost 40 members and guest attended the dinner.

This was the first dinner the newly organized Chamber had held in the last four years. Guest speakers were Bo Richards from the fire department and officer John Castleman from the police department. With the support of N & N Market, Alaska Commercial Company, Bristol Express, GCI Inc., the City of Dillingham, Arctic Chiropractic, Nushagak Cooperative, Nushwak, Delta Western, Choggiung, the Cracker Box, Bay Air, Beaver Creek Bed and Breakfast, Alaska West Supply, and Wells Fargo Bank the Chamber of Commerce raised over $1,200.

The Dillingham Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization promoting a healthy business environment by supporting economic development and community projects that enhance the quality of life in the greater Dillingham area.

The Dillingham Chamber of Commerce


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