High winds damage property in Unalaska

Dec 02nd 9:19 pm By Jim Paulin, The Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

Wind speeds reportedly exceeded 100 mph, rolled trucks, damaged structures

Statewide Stories

Brower the winner at WEIO Games

July 29th 9:49 am

Overall, approximately 10 rural residents won events in Fairbanks

NANA Development Corp.'s credit rating downgraded

July 29th 9:47 am

Moody's rating reflects 'significant deterioration in operating performance and weak cash flow generation'

Discovering the hidden universe at bug camp

July 29th 9:47 am

OUTSIDE THE UA MUSEUM OF THE NORTH — "Look, it's a crab spider eating a moth!" says Declan Griswold, an 8-year-old who points to a rose bush. "You're right, it's a true spider, an orb weaver, just like the kind in Charlotte's Web," says Derek Sikes, [...]

Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission reviews emergency transfer regulations

July 29th 9:45 am

Proposed change is just codifying what already happens, official says

Opinion: By bringing forgotten rape kits out of storage, Alaska may deliver long-overdue justice

July 29th 9:44 am

This year, as Alaska Gov. Bill Walker and legislators tangled over the best way to solve Alaska's budget woes, he quietly launched a mandate to do right by Alaska's victims of sexual assault. Ten months ago, Walker tasked all state of Alaska departments and [...]

Most Popular Stories

Bristol Bay youth gather for leadership conference

December 2nd 9:55 pm

More than a dozen Bristol Bay youth traveled to Bristol Bay to learn about leadership this month. The two-day event organized by the United Tribes of Bristol Bay included activities focused on leadership skills, Alaska Native history, and Yup'ik culture.

Dillingham resident proposes art competition

December 2nd 9:52 pm

Salmon imagery is probably the most ubiquitous art in Bristol Bay. But one Dillingham resident wants the community to work together on more themes and images that celebrate the region. Bristy Larsen grew up in Dillingham, and chose to stay after graduating [...]

Iditarod bans mushers from carrying dogs in trailers

December 2nd 9:46 pm

Iditarod mushers won't be allowed to carry dogs in trailers pulled behind their sleds in the 2017 race, after the race's board of directors approved rule changes last month. The changes have struck a nerve with some top mushers, who say that for years they [...]

Alaska Science Forum: Bowheads may be the oldest mammals

December 2nd 9:48 pm

As biologist Craig George was helping Native whale hunter Billy Adams cut sections of blubber from a bowhead whale, he pressed his knife into an old scar in the whale's skin. The knife made a crunching noise; George cut deeper, then pulled out a sharp piece [...]

Good careers await fisheries and ocean science grads

November 26th 1:20 am

Alaska's university system is ramping up programs to train the next generations of fishery and ocean specialists — and plenty of jobs await.       Since 1987, the College of Fisheries and Ocean Science (CFOS) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has [...]

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