Dillingham residents weigh in on veteran health care

Aug 28th 6:31 pm By Molly Dischner

Rural Alaskans face challenges under Choice Act, attendees say

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Obama should see country rural Alaskans know

August 28th 5:28 pm

Kotzebue — In this town rumors swirl worse than any tidal currents.

Alaska Federation of Natives sets resolution deadlines

August 28th 5:27 pm

The final day for submission of resolutions in this year's Annual Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Anchorage is Sept. 21. Resolutions can be emailed to bmallot@nativefederation.org, hand delivered, mailed or sent via fax to 907-276-7989. A form can [...]

Salmon initiative takes hit during budget crisis

August 28th 5:26 pm

One of the casualties of this year's budget cuts was funding for a program aimed at discovering why Alaska's chinook salmon stocks have been declining since 2007.

International Inuit leaders gather in Bethel

August 28th 5:24 pm

International leaders connected with a group promoting the perspective and needs of the indigenous people of the Arctic met last week in Bethel, discussing the needs of Inuit on an international level. The Inuit Circumpolar Council represents more than [...]

A float down the Tanana River

August 28th 5:23 pm

This is not Henry Allen's Tanana River. Nor is it the Trail River of people living here thousands of years before the nineteenth-century government explorer struggled his way down the Tanana. But it seems close.

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Opinion: Bristol Bay residents ready to welcome Obama

August 28th 5:34 pm

Some interesting folks have travelled through Bristol Bay over the years, but never before have we had the honor to host a sitting President. Needless to say, we all stand ready to provide a warm welcome to President Obama as the first U.S. president to visit [...]


August 28th 5:36 pm

 Aug. 2 DUI - Gabriel E. Hockema, 39 yoa, was arrested for Driving under the Influence after an officer noticed him driving away from a bar and then weaving across the roadway. Drunk Disturbance - Officer broke up a minor scuffle between two brothers, one [...]

Small boat cod fishery to open Sept. 1

August 28th 5:33 pm

Summer fishing in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands is winding down, and smaller catcher vessels will have access to an extra 1,700 metric tons of Pacific cod this fall after some quota went unused by other fleets. Krista Milani, from the National Marine [...]

New wastewater plant opens in Unalaska

August 28th 5:35 pm

Following a legal dispute with federal regulators which the city eventually settled out of court, Unalaska's new wastewater treatment plant went into operation last month. While finishing touches still remain, "It's up and running and they're getting the [...]

Building certified for energy efficiency

August 28th 5:31 pm

Applied Sciences Center on Bristol Bay campus receives first LEED certification for UA

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