Young Fishermen's Network keeps growing

May 19th 10:52 pm By Lawrence Hamilton, The Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

Activities help fishermen understand their role in the global marketplace

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Opinion: Spring is perfect time to set limits for screen use in your home

May 5th 8:58 am

On Saturday, I happened to wander into the house for a minute from the sun-drenched gardens outside. It was a beautiful day, blustery, with birds singing and puddles all over the place. Inside, however, it was quiet, stone quiet, which could only mean one [...]

Salmon permit sales slump across state

May 5th 8:52 am

Buyers and sellers are still feeling hangover from last year's tough fishing season The values of Alaska salmon permits are on a downward slide, while prices for quota shares of other catches continue to skyrocket. Despite an optimistic outlook this year [...]

Regional trusts proposed for lease of fish permits

April 27th 6:37 pm

Communities could lease to fishermen who otherwise couldn't afford permits

Opinion: Education cuts will hurt, not help, economy

April 27th 5:54 pm

The current proposal by the Alaska Senate majority to cut education 5.7 percent while failing to offer up any new solutions to the state's fiscal crisis should infuriate every Alaskan, not only those with children currently in school or college in the state [...]

Tundra swans take two distinct paths to Alaska

April 27th 5:45 pm

By Ned Rozell University of Alaska Fairbanks Skiing to work over a persistent spring snowpack, I looked up to see a large white bird flapping gracefully over the spruce tops. A few gentle honks confirmed it was a tundra swan. After a long winter when all [...]

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Young Fishermen's Network keeps growing

May 19th 9:52 pm

Activities help fishermen understand their role in the global marketplace

Here's what could happen to your health care under AHCA

May 19th 10:33 pm

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House-passed health care legislation to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act is likely to offer little relief and ultimately higher costs for Alaskans. Alaska has some of the most expensive health insurance in the [...]

Fish Factor: Economic impact of seafood industry sinks slightly

May 19th 10:33 pm

The U.S. seafood industry's contribution to the nation's economy sank a bit, while Alaska's output increased slightly and dollar values held steady. An eagerly anticipated annual report released last week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric [...]

About 3,000 earthquakes have happened this month in Alaska

May 19th 10:34 pm

A series of significant May earthquakes and their aftershocks are being examined by seismologists, who say Alaska is markedly above its usual rate of earthquakes for the month. Alaska Earthquake Center seismologist Natalia Ruppert said Alaska typically [...]

Katmai National Park staff take part in 'Great Migration'

May 19th 10:37 pm

A great migration is happening at Katmai National Park and Preserve, but this time it is not wildlife on the move, but staff. About 20 seasonal park rangers from around the world have arrived at Katmai in the past couple of weeks and commenced training to [...]

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