New mother caught smoking oxycodone

Oct 17th 2:11 pm By By Dave Bendinger

Community meetings held to seek solutions as police address ongoing drug-related incidents

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Opinion: Major issues are at hand in Alaska

October 17th 1:21 pm

As most of you know, I like to watch the political scene.

Opinion: How to pick a candidate 101

October 17th 1:20 pm

Various campaigns have been asking recently to be endorsed on these pages.

Opinion: We need health care solutions, not slogans

October 17th 1:19 pm

To hear Dan Sullivan tell it, Sen. Mark Begich cast "the deciding vote" in favor of Obamacare.

Opinion: Continue Round Island walrus watch

October 17th 1:18 pm

If it was easy to get to and thousands came, this place would be destroyed.

Ballot measure would change rules on mines

October 17th 1:17 pm

A ballot measure to protect salmon in Southwest hasn't grabbed as many headlines as pot and campaign politics.

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New mother caught smoking oxycodone

October 17th 1:11 pm

Community meetings held to seek solutions as police address ongoing drug-related incidents

Mike Mason, longtime voice of Bristol Bay, leaving KDLG

October 17th 1:23 pm

Radio news director hired as new press secretary for Alaska House Minority

Opinion: Parnell, Sullivan show little regard for Alaska fish

October 17th 1:19 pm

It's telling Sean Parnell (for governor) and Dan Sullivan (for senate) aren't running on their record of endangering Alaska's salmon and other fish for corporate profit. Who can blame them? In 2013 Parnell and (Senate Candidate) Sullivan pushed a bill [...]

Dillingham same-sex couple files for marriage license

October 17th 1:23 pm

Last Sunday, a federal judge ruled that Alaska's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, and as courthouses around the state opened Monday, couples hurried to get in line to file for legal marriage licenses.

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October 17th 1:22 pm

Classes offered at Bristol Bay campuses

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